The UW MP3 Experience

Our unique back-to-school celebration where participants press play together.
Pick up your free prop kit starting August 26 and press play at August 30 at 8:00 PM.

Thanks for coming.

The music of #uwmp3

The UWMP3 Experience

Grab your free prop kit

The bag is filled with a kazoo, a packet of holi powder, a mustache, and two glowsticks. You can pick up your bag at University Store

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Download the MP3

Download the MP3 and copy it to your MP3 player.



Be Social

Tell your friends about the event and invite them on Facebook and Twitter or your favorite social network.

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Show up and Press Play

The event starts in the park on the corner of 9th and Ivinson. Arrive early so you have time to sort out your bag and prepare your player.

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Grab your prop kit.

It's free and full of fun, colorful props.

Prop kit pickup begins at University Store starting August 26, 2013. The kits are free, and they're full of four colorful props.

The kits contain the following items:

  • Holi Color Powder *
  • Kazoo
  • Two Glowsticks
  • A fake mustache

* Holi powder should not be ingested and may irritate nasal passages and airways. Event participation requires a waiver to be filed at University Store. Participant must be 18 years or older to sign University Store waiver.

Prop Kit

Download the event MP3

Copy the MP3 to your MP3 player and verify that it will play, but don't listen to it until the event.

Download Now

PC users: right click and select "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" to save.

Mac users: right click and select "Download Linked File" or "Save Link As..."

Be Social.

It's more fun with friends.

Invite your friends using Facebook, Twitter, text, call, carrier pigeon, or a good old-fashioned smoke signal.

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RSVP to the Event and share the event with your friends. Use the #uwmp3 hashtag to share and discuss with others.

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Follow University Store on Twitter for updates. Search #uwmp3 to find and follow other participants.

@uwyostore #uwmp3

Show up. Press play.

The MP3 will guide you for the next half hour.

Bring your bag of props, and show up wearing a white shirt (so they holi dye looks best).

Event participation requires a signed waiver on file with University Store.