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Donation Information

Please note that we have significantly reduced the amount and number of donations that we are providing. We still urge you to fill out a donation request application.

As a self-supporting auxiliary unit, the University Store occasionally provides donations to programs that are in line with our mission to support the University community and therefore our giving is focused.

As of April 1, 2008 no Auxiliary Services department or employee may make donations (cash, payment, products, items, staff resources etc.) or a commitment to make any such donations, to any person, department, organization or entity without the request first being approved by the Auxiliary Services Director. This directive is based upon the Wyoming Statutes & Constitution under Article 1, Section 19.

The parameters below will help determine if your organization matches our giving guidelines. Please understand that although your organization may fit one of more of the guidelines below it is not a guarantee that your request will be honored. While we wish we could support all worthy organizations, we do have budgetary constraints.

The University Store will consider requests from the following:

  • University-affiliated organizations
  • Events conducted by University- recognized students organizations, University departments, or alumni chapters
  • Community programs sponsored by the University of Wyoming.
  • Events that support recruiting and retention for the University of Wyoming.

Regrettably, the University Store may not donate to the following:

  • Requests from individuals.
  • Silent auctions, event sponsorships or other fundraisers for non-University events.
  • Non-university programs: sports, troops, camps, carnivals, class parties, etc.
  • Religious and political groups/campaigns.
  • Items distributed or sold on University property that compete with the operations of the Bookstore.

The majority of donations are in the form of merchandise from the University Bookstore.

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